Digital Hunt: BOOGALOO!

For this Digital Scavenger hunt assignment I decided to search for the term Boogaloo. I decided to search for this word because it sounded fun and It was a word that I am unfamiliar with. The earliest reference that I found was that In the New York Times. On March 11, 1966 an article, Dance: philly-dog Routing Boogaloo, discusses the various music trends around that time. Although he doesn’t explicitly state this he alludes to it by describing a female getting “into the boogaloo.” “The girl, hair blowing wild, dress-nude look complete-gaping wide at empty seams, moved with a sort of flip shy confidence into the boogaloo.”The author describes how it beginning to lose it fame and the new  popular dance style the Philly Dog. He writes “ the boogaloo is doomed. Have you heard of the Philly Dog? You will. Its coming in.”

The book One Thousand Novelty and Fad Dances written by Tom Nelson, describes the Boogaloo as a “ fluid style that uses every part of the body.” Those who dance in this style ensure that their entire body flows together.

Google Books Ngram Viewer, displayed that the term Boogaloo began being used in the late 1950s and its use increased in the 1960’s. The author of the New York Times article discussed how the Boogaloo will lose its fame to some new dance style. This is supported by the graph which displays a decrease in the usage of boogaloo in the early 1970S. To get a better idea of how Boogaloo looked like, I searched for videos that deosntrated the dance style. My favorite was a combination of an electric boogaloo, which I included in a link below.

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