In class we discussed whether or not information should be free and should not have a copyright. In my opinion,  information should be shared. It is understandable when an individual wants to claim all the glory for an idea or invention that they make, but it can be improved and exemplified when others are compassionate about making said invention better. In the world of medicine, physicians are constantly implementing new trials and surgical techniques. These techniques are published in case studies, and physicians all over the world can access them in order to implement the same technique or even make modifications. There is no copyright on a surgical technique, and if there was many patients would suffer.

Information wants to be free. This is one of the things Vannevar Bush emphasized. Instead of encyclopedias which cost a lot of many to have, everyone should have free access to information. Information is only valuable when it is shared. This is something that was said in class and is very true.  When a person is passionate about a topic or subject they will fight to make sure it is represented in the best way. This is what makes wikipedia so great.  If everyone had access to free information I can only imagine how much better the world would be.

I do agree that history is sacred and should not be altered, but that shouldn’t prevent all individuals from accessing information freely. In my High School we had a class devoted on teaching us the lessons by peace. We often discussed Ghandi, and one of his quotes which affected me the most was regarding education. He discusses how the road to peace is built on education. If information was allowed to be free, maybe more people could become educated and one day we would live in a better place. This idea of freeing education and peace arising is a tad optimistic but who knows what could happen!

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