History of the Digital Past: Final thoughts

In my opinion any class that causes the student to intellectually think outside of class is a class well taught. The class was far from traditionally but it has taught me many things that I never was interested about and a lot about my self. Through reading hard books and essays and listening to class discussions I learned about what kind of learner I am. It is true that I am a associative learner that jumps from one subject and thought to the other, but in order to become a good doctor I have to manage both. To be disciplined in the art of thinking without distractions and to stay focused is what I struggle with, but I am glad to have learned this weakness early on in my career and hope to modify it.

Class stimulated my curiosity in the technology around us. The history behind it. Although I’ll forever be daunted by the voices of cats every time I look at any phone, I learned that I should question the origins of everything around me. Besides isn’t a good doctor a person who can critically analyze his or her patients? To evaluate the symptoms and draw proper conclusions by learning and reading about them.

If anything, i would like to have seen more assignments in class. I know, I am that one crazy student who actually loves homework!  I enjoy it because it allows me to continuously think about the subject at hand. It also allows me to ensure that I have actually grasped the material at hand.

Overall the class was amazing, lecture was fun, never boring…

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