Unfortunately, I was sick today and was unable to attend class. Therefore, I don’t have much to discuss about class but I would like to use this blog post to be my last time discussing politics and use it as a way to vent out my frustration.

Race and politics are so deeply rooted in what we discuss in class that I was compelled to share my thoughts on last nights election.

Last night, Donald Trump was elected as the next president of the United States of America. As a first time voter I was so emotionally vested in this election. I was really hoping that other citizens would truly see Trump for who he is. I can sit here for hours listing all the nasty remarks he has made toward women, minorities, mentally and physically disabled individuals, and even his own fellow republicans.

He is a man who incites violence, who supports separation, and stands agains the very morals that make America great. As Palestinian-Muslim-American Female, I can say with true pride that America has provided me opportunities that I would not have been able to receive anywhere else in the world. It is a beacon of hope to many individuals all of the world. But I know believe that this will drastically change.

As I walked to class on Monday, I overheard a conversation between three females. They were discussing who they voted for in the 2012 election. One of the females asked the other if she voted for Obama, to which she replied “Hell no, I would never vote for a black man.” Unfortunately in todays society, race is still a major factor and an issue. Trump has just opened a can of worms and allowed a vacuum of hatred to occupy our  nation.

In class we discuss the racial inequalities prevalent in American culture by analyzing pop culture. We progressed so far from the view of African Americans when Minstrel shows were popular to the point where we now have an African American who is president. Everything we worked hard for feels pointless with the election of Trump.  He is everything that this nation is not….

I am trying to stay optimistic and I hope that something good will result from this unprecedented election.




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