The History of the Digital Times and the MCAT

An inevitable obstacle that all pre-med students must strive to overcome is the MCAT. A daunting exam which determines whether or not one can achieve his or her dream to become a physician. I always try to form a connection between the classes I am taking to the MCAT. By forming these connections, I can determine how I can improve to be a better test taker.

One of the many things I have learned in this class is the importance of critical reading and listening. The verbal reasoning section of the MCAT is the biggest struggle for pre-med students majoring in the sciences. The several weeks in this class taught me how much I struggle with critical reading and listening. Unfortunately, I have been unable to hear the “beats” described in class. When Henry Thomas’ Railroadin came on I could barely decipher what he said. That is not my only struggle, reading “Shallows” and “Segregating Sound” was  another battle. After reading both books, I understand the “big picture” but I fail to comprehend the many details they provide and the arguments they seamlessly integrate into their works.

From the beginning of class, we discussed the importance of obedience and discipline in reading and listening. To become a good physician, I must be able to interpret the symptoms a patient presents. These signs can also be nonverbal. However, in order to do so, I must be a critical reader, who can interpret the signs presented to me, and draw conclusions based off of what is presented. In the MCAT, I must also draw conclusions based off the literary work presented.  I have 9 more months until I take the MCAT. I got my work cut out for me, but hopefully, I will discipline my mind in the art of reading so that I may overcome this heinous exam!


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